Compilation Reel

For a more in-depth insight into contributions to specific projects, kindly refer to the accompanying clips below.

Camera Projection

Contribution:3D camera projection, also known as camera mapping or projection mapping, involves a technique where a two-dimensional image is projected onto a three-dimensional scene. This process is particularly useful in visual effects and animation, allowing artists to create the illusion of depth and complexity from a flat image. When the camera moves, it reveals the parallax effect, providing a convincing illusion of three-dimensional space.


Contribution: Designed and created the environments, mechanical Eagle, motorcycle heart and Virgin Mary scene.


Contribution: 3D Lead – Assembled top notch artists, established project pipeline, managed daily processes to meet all creative and project milestone and deadlines.


Contribution: Modeling and layout of environments, texture of assets, animation of Characters, vehicles, and cameras, lighting and rendering.


Contribution: Rigging and animation of golf club, mechanical arm and camera.


Contribution: Created the snow flurries using Maya Nparticles.


Contribution: Animated vehicles and cameras. Lighting and rendering.

Engine5 reel

Contribution: Created environments using assets from Unreal Marketplace, Quixel and Kitbash3D. Imported characters from Mixamo.
Added rain, atmosphere and lighting. Animated cameras using the Camera Rig Rail then rendered using Pathtracing.