ShutterStock Commercial

For the Shutterstock CG/Unreal Engine project, the objective was to create a commercial demonstrating the versatility and utility of stock elements from Shutterstock that can be used as backgrounds in volume productions or any project requiring high-quality background environments. This endeavor involved an innovative workflow that combined Shutterstock footage seamlessly stitched together using Nuke, with 3D assets meticulously crafted in Blender. The culmination of this process saw these elements being imported into Unreal Engine, where they were projected onto a Volume LED wall. This project showcased the seamless integration of stock video content with custom 3D assets, highlighting the potential of combining traditional and digital filmmaking techniques through the use of cutting-edge technology. The commercial serves as a testament to the creative possibilities unlocked when diverse tools and platforms are used in concert to enhance the visual storytelling in film and commercial production.

Dancing With The Stars:

For the 2021 edition of Dancing With The Stars, I built the visual presentation of the cast announcement by creating the entire backgrounds using Unreal Engine. These backgrounds were designed specifically for projection onto The Volume LED wall, enhancing the visual impact and immersion of the promo shoot. To build these backgrounds, I utilized Unreal Engine for real-time rendering capabilities and Blender for 3D modeling. For the foreground graphic elements, I used Cinema 4D for 3D modeling and animation, complemented with After Effects for the motion graphics.

Old Western Town Pitch

For the Old West project utilizing Unreal Engine, the aim was to create a compelling pitch for a Western film intended to be shot entirely on a volume, similar to the production method used for “The Mandalorian”. This innovative approach leverages the advantages of virtual production, enabling a highly immersive and visually rich environment for the film. All the digital assets utilized in this project, including environments, characters, and props, were sourced directly from the Epic Marketplace. This selection process ensured a high level of quality and compatibility within the Unreal Engine ecosystem, facilitating a seamless integration of these assets into the virtual production workflow. This approach not only showcases the potential of modern filmmaking techniques but also highlights the versatility and depth of resources available on the Epic Marketplace for creators looking to bring their visions to life in the digital domain.