The Little Mermaid: Ursula's Lair

Camera flythroughs and still images for Ursula’s Lair in The Little Mermaid live action film. Responsible for the design and build of everything shown except for the Ariel and Ursula models. I utilized Maya’s real-time capabilities on the project and dropped the existing environment into Unreal Engine a year later. This 3D environment was passed off to previs and VFX and screenshots were used for paintovers.

Tropical Beach Unreal Exercise

An environment I chipped away at during the strikes. I primarily used this one to familiarize myself with Unreal 5, the built-in water plugin, smart materials, and Ultra Dynamic Sky + weather systems. Various assets from Megascans and MAWI.


Camera flythroughs and still images from Unreal environments created for the Samaritan live action film. These sets are an equal collaboration between myself and two other artists on my team. Beyond the design aspects, our work was used to plan set builds at OFS Atlanta (indoor sound stage + backlot conversion), set dressing changeover, VFX extensions, and general shooting information to aid in Covid19 protocols (this film was shot in fall 2020). We also utilized photogrammetry scans and Google Earth 3D data to closely match existing areas in Atlanta and Philadelphia that were being shot on-location.

Medieval Village Unreal Exercise

A quick 5 day exercise I did in Unreal Engine to familiarize myself with more weather systems and how they interact with materials, light, and landscapes. I hand painted and sculpted the terrain, then arranged a bunch of models I already had in my personal library. A lot of material work was done to learn how to get the snow to accumulate.

Desert Unreal "Sketch"

A very quick exercise limiting myself to few days using Unreal Engine. I wanted this to be indicative of what I’m able to quickly cobble together to get a conversation started faster. I generated the base terrain using Gaea, hand painted and sculpted the landscape material, then threw together a bunch of 3D assets I already had on hand.