Workshop Shed Interior


Camera flythrough and detailed shots of the interior of a shed workshop. For this I assembled and lit premade assets in Unreal Engine 5 to refamiliarize myself with its features and present a unified space. Various assets and textures from Megascans and Sketchfab.

Sand Mobile 2023

A futuristic desert vehicle I designed to learn more about the components of industrial vehicles and how they combine. I sketched some ideas for a futuristic desert vehicle. Then modeling one out to further adjust until every part was complete.

Rough Rider Garage 2023

A toy Garage and RC car I designed and modeled. I combined modular pieces to generate a set of layouts, then set dressed the best one with some junk drawer props. Added post processing effects to present the final shot. The car I modeled is based on 1990’s RC buggies. I gave it some homemade adjustments to help theme it with the garage.

FA-13 Combat Bomber Pistol 2021

A motorcycle themed handgun I based off a FA-13 motorcycle and other industrial objects. I sketched a batch of thumbnails to generate designs then took the best one to model. To help show its functionality I made a short animation of it reloading.

Sonar Unimog 2023

A mobile research lab I designed and modeled to better understand the forms of a vehicle. I researched several vehicle types until I found one that would work as a mobile lab. I then drew out the orthographic views of its sides and modeled over it to get the exact proportions before texturing and finalizing to present.

Montana Shop 2022

A western general store I designed and modeled. I used a top down plan to determine how the room would be layed out then extruded a quick blockout model that I illustrated over. Originally a demo I gave for a friend’s private mentorship on how to design an interior space using a 3D base.