This Aerotek video was created as a promotional video for their Hiring company. I created everything, the storyboards, the design style, all 3D models and animation. Created in Cinema 4D and assembled in After Effects.

Curt Independent Suspension

This video was created for the company “Curt”. I was responsible for everything except writing the script. I did the storyboards, 3D design, Layout & Animation.

Furrion Chill Cube

This Furrion Chill Cube video was created to help sell their new AC unit for Campers. I was provided a VO script and went from there. I started by creating a storyboard. Once that was approved I began assembling the Camper 3D model. I was provided .step files of the Chill Cube Product, which was helpful. Then I animated and assembled the complete video, and made tweaks, til the client was satisfied.

Intellegence Hub

Intelligence Hub is a 2D Motion Graphics video. Designed to be elegant and simple. To convey a complex idea in a simplistic way. I was involved in the storyboarding process and guided by an art director. I did all the design, layout and animation for this project.

Litagation Machine Intro

This was a 3D intro video to a Litigation Conference in 2016. I was provided with a 2D illustration of the machine concept. I modeled, textured & animated the machine from scratch. The client was extremely happy with the end result.

Outdoor TV

This Furrion Outdoor TV video was a 2.5D Motion Graphics Animated Video. Using photos and graphics to tell the story. The client created the initial voice over script and I ran from there, creating everything you see.

Volk Multi-Lens Case

This Volk Multi-Lens Case video was created to help sell the case that holds the Lenses. I was provided .step files from the client (3D models) and I did the rest. I created the storyboards, textured, lit and animated the scenes. Created in Cinema 4D and rendered in Redshift.